Fertilized Coco Disks (2 Disks)

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These Fertilized Coco discs consist of coarse coco material, which is made of the husk of the coconut.

These discs are compressed for transport and expand to their original size after water is added.

  • Minimum online order – 6 Coco Disks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good air/water management
  • Good drainage properties
  • The coconut fibers plant disk is completely biodegradable and natural.
  • The coconut fibers plant disk allows keeping the girth of plants and trees without weed.


  • Weight ( Dry ) – 45g
  • Diameter – 75mm
  • Height – 23mm
  • Add water 400ml
  • Fertilizer Ratio 1240 ppm, PH 6 (ref Picture) – (NPK + CaNO2)
  • Expands up to 6 times its original volume

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